Dr. Adrián LLerena Ph.D. is the Director of the Clinical Research Center in the University Hospital in Badajoz Spain. He is also professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology in the Medical School of the University of Extremadura, between 1989-1993 he did his post doc at Karolinska Institute Sweden focusing on Clinical Pharmacogenetics. His teaching experience is of more than 20 years in Spain and of about 9 years in Portugal. He has supervised more than 10 Ph.D. theses so far. He has also been an invited professor in different Universities in USA such as University of California at Los Angeles 2004 Mount Sinai Medical School at NY 2005 and Miller Medical School at Miami 2006 and in Latin America such as UNAM in Mexico San Marcos in Peru, Chile UFMG Brasil, Australian National University in Camberra etc. He has published more than 150 peer reviewed papers and book chapters. He is also coordinating the Iberoamerican network of Pharmacogenetics since 2006. He served in different Scietific societies as IberoAmerican Society of Pharmacogenomics. He has been principal investigator in more than 30 national and european research projects. He has also served as reviewer in all journals related to clinical pharmacology and mainly pharmacogenetics and clinical psychopharmacology. He has organized several national and international workshops and Scientific conferences in Spain and Latin America. Currently he is Vicepresident of the Spanish Society of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics and Vicepresident of the Spanish Society for Clinical Pharmacology. Since 2010 he is a member of the EMA Pharmacogenomics Working Parthy